Freedom Capital is a provider of a comprehensive suite of solutions, to meet all our clients’ investment and lifestyle planning needs. Your personal financial manager – everything you need, in one place.


Investment Management

  • Personalised share portfolios, constructed by blending various equity clusters to meet your needs and objectives
  • A long-term outlook to achieve optimal returns
  • Portfolio options include local, international and pension portfolios
  • Access cash without touching your investments, using your portfolio as security
  • Externalise a part of, or all of, your liquid rand assets by the means of a cross-currency swap
  • House your investments in a tax-efficient, tax wrapper structure

Risk Management

  • Ensure that your healthcare cover is appropriate for you and your family’s needs
  • Balance the probabilities of death or disability with your financial circumstances, through life insurance and/or a buy and sell policy
  • Provide for your children’s education
  • Ensure you have the best household and company insurance

Fund Management

Putting your money to work in a fund or collective investment scheme has various benefits. There will always be a fund that will meet your needs and objectives.

Private Equity

We act as an investor and/or advisor to owner-managed and family owned businesses, and businesses with a market value of R750 million and below.

Retirement Planning

Take control of your retirement planning with our various investment options. Through our strategic partnerships, we offer a personalised, Regulation 28 compliant, share portfolio (PSP), in addition to the multiple collective investment schemes that are available.

Estate Planning

Trustworthy estate planning advice is crucial. We can assist with the drafting and updating of your will, and act as the custodian of your will. We can provide assistance with the execution of your will and the underlying investments, helping to ease what is a stressful period in any family’s life.